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Occupational Medicine

Employer Medical Needs

Treasure Coast Urgent Care supports your employee’s occupational health with the treatment and prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses, wellness checks and drug screenings.  If you are an employer, please feel free to ask us how we can assist you in your employee’s medical needs.

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  • Pre-hiring physicals- Make sure your employees are physically prepared and able to meet the demands of the job they are being considered for.  Avoid unsafe situations for yourself, your employees and your business.
  • Wellness checks- Our providers are focused on your employee’s health.  Let us maintain a healthy and safe workforce for you with our convenient wellness checks and in office treatments.
  • Drug testing-  We offer pre-employment drug testing as well as employee drug screenings to help you and your employees maintain safe and risk-free work environments.


Worker’s Compensation

Work-related injuries can be frustrating and confusing. Our providers are equipped to handle all Worker’s Compensation related injuries. With an in-office Xray machine and the ability to provide anti-inflammatory and steroid shots, we can take care of your injuries without sending you to another facility. We also provide all the necessary paperwork for handling your claim and can assist you with any questions. Our staff will also handle all communications with your insurance provider, giving you more to time focus on recovery. Proper immediate medical care is the most important thing in getting you healed, feeling great and back to work.

Common workplace injuries include:

  • Overexertion from pulling, lifting, pushing, holding, carrying or throwing.
  • Slip & Falls caused by wet or slippery floors.
  • Falling to a lower level from ladders, rooftops & stairways.
  • Bodily reaction caused by a slip or trip without falling, most commonly injuring knees or ankles.
  • Struck by an object that is dropped from a higher level.
  • Struck against an object by accidentally running into walls, doors, cabinets, glass windows, tables, etc.
  • Highway accident when transportation is used for business.
  • Machinery accidents including getting caught or compressed.
  • Repetitive motions are injuries from continuous computer usage such as typing, straining muscles and tendons, causing back pain, vision problems, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

No one expects to be hurt on the job. In fact, employer’s pride themselves on providing safe work environments. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Let our providers take the pain and stress away with treatments a cut above the rest.


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